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In The Seven Best Forex Indicators (according to a professional Forex Trader) report, you will learn:

  • A professional Forex Trader's tips on how to maximise your profits and minimise your losses, through using a sound risk-reward strategy to ensure you grow your trading portfolio steady.

  • The seven most popular Forex indicators that our team of professional traders prefer to use to identify their own next trade opportunites, and how to use them in your own trading.

  • Simple, easy to follow instructions on how Forex indicators work - even if you have never used them or placed a trade before.



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Imagine flying with your family around Europe, driving the latest Mercedes Benz, paying off your bond quicker, going to any restaurant without worrying about price…

Forex trading can help you get there.

But if you want to make a second, third or even fourth income trading the Forex market, you need the right information; or you could stand to lose a lot of money.

That's why Timon Rossolimos, Head of Trading at FSPInvest has put together The Seven Best Forex Indictaors report. 

In this report, Timon shares his seven favourite Forex indicators - as well as how to spot them and how to use them to improve your own Forex trading. Timon has personally discovered and mastered these seven Forex indicators over his past 14 years working as a professional trader.

Whether you're someone who is just getting started, or you've been trading Forex for numerous years, you're still sure to learn a thing or two from Timon's insights.

Make sure you read this report before you place another Forex trade.

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About Timon Rossolimos

Professional trader, Author and Trading mentor

Timon is the Managing Editor of the daily Trading Tips e-letter, chief strategist behind the trader service Red Hot Storm Trader and Head of the Trading department at FSPInvest

Timon has over a decade's experience behind the trading desk. He holds an advanced degree in Economics and spent the last 14 years dedicated to mastering the science of the financial markets.

He is also the author of several top-selling trading books, including the 94 Top Trading Lessons of All Time, and Six Forex Profit Patterns.

Timon is also a sought-after public speaker who personally trained over 116,350 South Africans on trading and Forex. You may have even seen him sharing his trading ideas and strategies on radio, CNBC Africa and SABC business television programmes.

Timon heads up the Trading Tips editorial team, and writes daily trade ideas, along with his hand-picked regular guest experts, including Gary Booysen, Founder of Rand Swiss; and Guy Algeo, of Prodigy Asset Management.

What Trading Tips readers are saying about Timon:

"Hi Timon, Bravo!!!! Send more tips!!! Regards Mario"

"I will recommend you to any person who is serious about making money and a lot of money" – V.N


"Opened a whole new door to me." - T.O

'Very interesting and educational' – Carrel Hanoke

'He is very knowledgeable about his trade and can transfer his knowledge.' – Jan Ehlers

'Eye opener about Forex market. I think I can place a trade now' – Protas Phili

'Simple explanations for a difficult field' – Koos Visser

'I understand technical patterns better and know when the trade is a high or medium probability'. – J. Snyman

"You have changed my life. Thanks for the comfortable life my friend." - Anon

"I know and have followed Timon Rossolimos for a couple of years. The understanding what he has on the market and especially trading is remarkable. What makes him stand out from the rest is his money management and his impeccable risk reward trades." – P.S 

"All can say as someone who has never traded is that now I am more confident to call a broker and start trading. I am more informed than ever.' – Samson

"Timon you're a rockstar. I just banked profit on the USD/CHF long trade"  - Anon







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